Colon Hydrotherapy is for You if 

You want to slow down aging

you want better sleep

you want to clear up skin problems, bad breath, body odor, diarrhea, sciatic pain, high blood pressure and feel joyful and happy.


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Walla Wellness Center


It's Not your Fault!

Most people do not realize that impacted feces, dead cellular tissue, excess mucous, parasites and bad bacteria can cause illness, make you feel tired, weak, constipated, and is the root cause of a host of other woes.




Backed Up? Low on energy? Not your normal, healthy, happy self?  Call us for a free phone consultation. 

My Destiny and Soul Contract

is to help you in your quest for better health through utilizing Colon Hydrotherapy, and Nutrition.

Walla Wellness Center

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Have you ever suffered with...


Gas and abdominal pain?


Bellyweight that won't come off with Diet and Exercise?


Start living your life with absolute certainty & Purpose , NOW!



To Walla Wellness Center, where we specialize in colon hydrotherapy.  You get from us the 'Cadillac' of colon hydrotherapy in service, treatment and results.

We have the experience and the knowledge to make sure your time with us is exceptional.  How do I know? 

Because I, Peggy Walla, have been in this field for over 30 years and have done a lot of studying and research into how I and my team can help you with your health needs and getting your bowels moving like they should be doing.